April 10, 2015

Professional Translation


I offer professional translation from English to French for Canada at a reasonable rate. For a tender or for more information, you can use the contact form on this website.

My work schedule is very flexible and can adapt to your project. To find a calendar displaying my daily availability visit my Proz.com profile here.

My fields of expertise are listed below. These specializations represent the types of document I have the most experience in translating, but I have also translated more technical material in other fields such as software, construction, environment, social sciences, history, human resources, and tourism.


  • English to French translation for Canada


  • Marketing and Advertisement: Translation of market researches, market strategies,  surveys, leaflets, advertising literature, slogans, TV  ads, and more.
  • Communications: Translation of public relations documents, internal communications, presentations for employees or colleagues, articles, press releases, and more.
  • Sale and Retail: Translation of product descriptions, packagings, sales stands, displays, counter mats, instruction manuals, e-commerce material, brochures,  and more.
  • Apps and Software: Translation of softwares, mobile apps about food, recipes, sports, health, entertainment, music,  weather, and more.


I work on a Mac with the following linguistic and translation tools:

  • Wordfast Pro
  • Antidote


Enjoy an attentive service and efficient communications

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