April 10, 2015

Literary Translation


 Ongoing Projects



I am now working on the translation of science fiction short stories. This project is still at an early phase, but I hope to eventually see those translated short stories published in a literary magazine or in the form of a book as an anthology.

Science fiction is one of my passions. There is an incredible amount of amazing science fiction short stories published in English, but so few of them are translated into French. I believe that the French speaking readers of science fiction should have access to these incredible pieces of art and that they would enjoy them as much as I do. I really hope to see this project materialize.




Past Projects


dejeuner From 2007 to 2010, I have translated short stories, poems, and songs, for Norman Nawrocki, a Montreal-based anarchist writer-musician-cabaret artist and educator.

Some of these translations were performed by him in spoken words events.

More recently, I have translated Norman Nawrocki’s Breakfast for Anarchist (2007 No Bar Code), a collection of short rebel verses, which has been published in May 2014 by Sabotart editions : Déjeuner pour anarchistes.